Madzibaba Mutumwa Survives Assassination Attempt

Johanne Masowe eChishanu is engrossed in a power struggle between factions in the church, which has escalated to murder attempts against rival leaders.

Bulawayo based Madzibaba Mutumwa, had the heavens to thank after he cheated death by a whisker when suspected rivals sent someone who allegedly tampered with his vehicle, which would have resulted in a fatal accident if the plan had succeeded.

The man of cloth told the H-Metro that he had since made a police report against suspected individuals who were threatening him.

” Someone came to my house and tampered with the ball joint, which resulted in a breakdown, we are told it was a deal ranga rarongwa nevamwe maporofita takaudzwa mazita avo so ndaifanira ndakapinda pa accident, but ndakachengetwa naMwari. The suspect left a note on the vehicle achiti, iwe Madzibaba Mutumw ukuda kuzviita ani iwewe, ukuda kutitorera vanhu manje uchaona, I saw this message when the car had broken down,” expressed Mutumwa.

Mutumwa told the paper that, it was a near-death experience since he was going at a speed of 14km per hour and was fortunate enough that he stopped the car when he had heard a noise.

” I am a true man of God, ko why vanhu vachizvinetsa, nekurwa, kana usina simba raMwari hauna, uchariwanawo one day. I suspect insiders from within the entire church, kwete vandonamata navo asi vane  masangano avo, I  wouldn’t want to pin point anyone.”


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