Matemadanda Takes Aim At Chamisa And The US

DEPUTY Minister for Defence and War Veterans Affairs Victor Matemadanda has appealed to war veterans in Mashonaland Central Province to explain to the people how sanctions are hurting everyone before they join a protest march to the United States Embassy.

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) is organising a nationwide march to the US Embassy in Harare against illegal sanctions that were extended by US President Donald Trump by another year.

Addressing war veterans, war collaborators, ex-detainees, widows and youths in Bindura last week, Cde Matemadanda said the sanctions were meant to make the people revolt against Government.

“We want Trump and (British Prime Minister) Theresa May and those who support them to know that Zimbabweans will not continue suffering,” he said.

“The purpose of these sanctions are to push people to blame and criticise the President, Government and Zanu-PF and vote for their stooge, Movement for Democratic Change.

“War veterans, you have a mission to go and explain to the masses that this is an act of the enemy. You were taught about this during the liberation struggle that after Independence, we will enter a stage where colonialism will be reintroduced.

“They want this country to be a neo-colonialism State and its characteristics are that you will be led by a fellow black man used by your former colonisers.

“Mr Nelson Chamisa brags about calling President Trump anytime.

“We came a long way with the white people, tell me any country invaded by America that has peace?

“America will never be a peace maker. America has an agenda against Zimbabwe, nothing we do will impress them if we don’t bring neo-colonialism.

“We are now fighting emerging neo-colonialist tendencies.”

America does not care about ordinary citizens, they only care about their interests, said Cde Matemadema.

“They heard that Zimbabwe has diamonds and gold, that is what they want,” he said.

“If America and Britain want rule of law and democracy, they should teach people who engage in political violence, destruction of property and killing of police officers.

“When the police defend themselves, they cry human rights abuse.

“If America is for rule of law, they should have scrutinise how Mr Chamisa became president of his party.

“They pretend to support women’s rights, yet Thokozani Khupe was elbowed by Mr Chamisa.”

-The herald 

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