Mnangagwa Is Uncaring, Cold And Hard-Hearted: Noah Manyika

Build Zimbabwe Alliance leader Noah Manyika says President Mnangagwa is living up to his reputation as a cold and hardhearted man.

Manyika was commenting on President Mnangagwa’s response to disasters affecting ordinary Zimbabweans in the past three months. He also said Mnangagwa is not proactive as this was evidenced by his failure to give warnings from his office prior to the effects of the Cyclone Idai.

Said Manyika: “Those cases include the shootings, the Battlefields mining disaster, the situation in our hospitals, and now Cyclone Idai. When the President and his delegation left the country to go to the UAE, they knew full well that the cyclone was bearing down on us.

“There were no warnings from his office, no plans for people in the direct path of the storm to be evacuated, Cutting short a trip he should have had the decency to postpone or cancel is meaningless. What we see is a president living up to his reputation as a cold and hardhearted man in spite of his claims that he is “as soft as wool.”

Manyika also said the President was surrounded by people who knew nothing about climate change and adverse weather. “It is clear that our leaders need a bit of education. A Cyclone, Hurricane or Typhoon are one and the same thing. The reason the highest levels of any government must get engaged when they hear that one is bearing down on their country is because a Cyclone, Typhoon or Hurricane will kill and cause massive infrastructural damage.

“So either the people advising the highest levels of our government don’t know what these serious weather phenomena are capable of, or they just don’t care. Let’s not forget that we don’t experience these often, so we are often ill-prepared when they come, which is why the highest levels of government must be engaged.

“The tragedy of lack of preparedness is that the victims will simply be “unaccounted for” and therefore forgotten. Without living witnesses from such communities, the authorities who but for their deadly negligence could have saved many lives will only be too glad to pretend that the tragedy never happened.”

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