‘Mnangagwa’s gvt can’t fix the country’ says Sydney Malunga’s son

Siphosami Malunga the son of the late struggle stalwart Sydney Malunga says the ruling government is not able and not willing to fix the problems affecting the country.

In a Facebook post on Thursday Mlaunga said, “It is clear as ever to me that the ruling political elite is neither WILLING nor ABLE to fix the country’s most crucial challenges. How else do we explain that even with the additional 2% tax revenue that the Minister of Finance has been collecting from electronic transactions we have not seen any investment and improvement in the most dire of social services- our health sector? Instead we have seen chartered jets to India, hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to lobbysts in Washington, more cars bought for ministers, diesel for thank-you and other unnecessary political rallies, countless trips and more wasteful government spending.”

Malunga further said Mnangagwa government knows exactly what is supposed to do but it turns a blind eye on what it is supposed to do.

“This is not just a case of people who don’t know what they are doing. These are people who have no interest in doing anything to improve people’s lives. They just don’t seem to CARE.

“Especially because they use our money to go abroad when they are sick and send their children to posh schools inside and outside the country. They get fuel for themselves and families for free. They don’t care because to them everything is FINE. They do not live the ordinary reality of Zimbabweans.

“As long as the state continues to look after them and their families and as long as they use their powerful positions to make money from the state and elsewhere, there is absolutely no problem in Zimbabwe.”

Since assuming power through a bloody coup in November 2017 Mnangagwa has been in different foreign capitals trying to source investments to no avail.

 – Byo24News

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