More Details Mbudzi Resurrection Miracle Takes New Twist, Tears As Prophets fail to resurrect dead Zimbabwe girl” Demand More Time

There was furore at Granville Cemetary (Mbudzi) yesterday as people flocked a hearse carrying a deceased girl, to witness her resurrection by two prophetesses who claimed to have divine powers to conduct the miracle.

In a sad twist, the family of a form four girl Dephine Mutemeri who passed on some days ago had to abandon burial for their deceased child after being assured by prophetesses that she was still alive.

According to the local tabloid H-metro, Dephine died after complaining of a headache and her body was taken to Runyararo Funeral parlour two days ago.

One of the family members who spoke to the paper on the condition of anonymity said that due to the pressure from mourners, the girl’s uncle had to comply with the crowd, in fear of the backlash that he could have buried a person who was alive.

” The girl’s, uncle could not continue with the burial ritual as some sections believed that the girl was still alive. He had to Southlea Park Police Base fleeing from mourners who demanded that the resurrection miracle be conducted.”

Several theories carried the day with much prominence awarded to the suggestion that the girl was alive and had taken two glasses of water after the supposed resurrection.

Some mourners gave a different account of the events that had taken shape. It is alleged that the coffin was opened so that the apostolic Madzimai, could conduct her rituals, but her efforts did not bear fruit.

” We went to Southlea Park Police Base with the body and the women could not raise the girl and we then proceeded home for further rituals after insistence that the girl would resurrect,” said a family member.

There seemed to be divisions of thought amongst the crowd, with some stating that the burial had been stopped so that the family would witness the miracle at the family home in New Canaan, Highfield while the family gave way to the prophets to raise the girl from the dead.

Residents are reported to have waited in vain last night in anticipation for the Lazarus moment although the two prophetesses had gotten reinforcements, with an addition of a Madzibaba.

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