Nelson Chamisa’s term over: Pressure group

The Morgan Tsvangirai Legacy (MTL) pressure group has called on MDC Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora to urgently invoke the constitution and call for the extra-ordinary congress to elect a substantive president in accordance with Article 9.21 of the opposition party charter.

Armed with the original copy of the MDC constitution, the pressure group held a press conference in Harare yesterday where it branded party leader, Nelson Chamisa illegitimate.

The said calling for a congress in May is a breach of the constitution as Chamisa’s term of office came to an end on the 14 of February this year.

“In terms of article 9.21 of the MDC constitution, the acting presidency claimed by Chamisa expired a year after the death of Dr Tsvangirai. There is no other section of that constitution which validates his continued stay as president or acting president outside an extra-ordinary congress properly called to elect a president of his party,” goes the statement read by Mernard Chisvo, the MTL member.

The pressure group also took a swipe at the decision to admit G40 members and former MDC members; Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti, among others as an insult and violation of article 5.5.2.

“The constitution requires that any member so admitted into the party should have served in the party for at least two years and five years to assume senior positions. It is in abrogation that the likes of Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube, Jim Kunaka, Dzikamai Mavhaire and Jacob Mafume have been railroaded into decision making positions by Chamisa. It is a fly in the face of the constitution and is illegal,” the statement claimed.

Should the MDC Secretary General fails to call for the extra-ordinary congress, the MTL group vowed to intensify measures to enforce the provisions of the constitution.


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