No Maintenance Without Se_x: Jilted Man Tells Ex-Lover

A Harare woman stunned the court when she revealed that her former lover was refusing to pay maintenance for the couple’s two-year-old child unless she agreed to have sxual intercourse with him whenever he desired.

Thelma Gweshe told the Harare Ciliv Court that her former lover David Sasa needed to increase the amount of money that he was paying as it was no longer sufficient due to an increase in the cost of living.

Presenting her case, Thelma said,

I have been getting $100 maintenance from him, but the money is no longer enough. That is why I even sent mu two-year-old daughter to the village to stay with my mother.

He always says he wants to see the child but his intention will be to sleep with me and use me. If I refuse he doesn’t give me maintenance money…If he wants me to help him, he should find me a job since he is the one who impregnated me.

Sasa, on the other hand, refused to pay more than the $100 he is currently paying saying that there was no change in his circumstances.

I am earning $460 and that was the money I earned when the last order was made and I am doing everything for the child…Last December I bought the child some clothes, but I didn’t see her since she was in the rural areas.

In a surprising twist, when Sasa presented the clothes to Thelma she became effusive and thanked him with his totem saying “Maita Mhofu”. Stella then told the court that she was withdrawing her application for maintenance to be increased because of the clothes she had received.

-Iharare News

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