Pastor Involved In Defrauding US $7000 From Congregant In Botched Car Deal?

A 21-year-old Harare man lost U.S 7 000 in a botched car to an alleged car dealer whom he had been referred to by his pastor.

It is reported that Nachi mark approached his pastor sometime in May last year, during a service to pray for him concerning a business venture he was to embark on, in which he was to travel to purchase a commuter omnibus.

Mark is reported to have wanted to buy the commuter omnibus for business purpose, but his pastor identified as Ancelem Takaedza convinced him to engage in a car selling business since it was more lucrative. The man of the cloth then offered his assistance to Mark on May 31, 2018, to buy a Toyota Hiace in South Africa who then conceded.

Pastor Takaedza referred Mark to Tapiwa Mupairwa by Pastor Takaedza whom he claimed was reliable based on previous deals in purchasing cars.

Mark, then met, Joshua Jesus Chibvamuperu through Mupairwa and the duo, assured him that they could assist in acquiring his Toyota Hiace within seven days. After being shown some photographs Mark, handed over $7 000 to Chibvamuperu and Takaedza which would cater for purchase and payment of duty.

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A receipt was issued to Mark and an affidavit acknowledging the deal.

After the time that was agreed on for the arrival of the vehicle had elapsed, Mark inquired about the vehicle and was told that the car was delayed as a result of Ramadan and industrial action by workers in South Africa.

Mark then reported the case to the police, upon realising that he had been duped which led to the arrest of the accused.

Chimbamuperu and Mupariwa pleaded not guilty when they appeared before Magistrate Francis Mapfumo.

The case is still ongoing.

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