Resurrected Zim man speaks out says he actually DIED, Offered job

South Africa: Zimbabwean man Brighton Elliot Moyo who made global news headlines following a controversial resurrection act with Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries has spoken for the first time about his death experience.

Brighton has reportedly taken to defending himself and giving his opinion of the entire matter. He did this by creating an account under the name he claimed to be currently using, Elliot Masango, and making several posts on Facebook.

According to what he said in a particular post, he will explain details of his death and resurrection in court. He also added that he was really dead at the time. See the post below:

“I think I have done enough to explain about my death and this account now I have to appear in court u will find all the truth u want i was dead….on Monday I’m going to court.”

Again, he reiterated this in his response to the comment of a particular person. The individual had taken to Elliot’s Facebook page to say this: “You are the comedian of the year and the coming generation. Hahahahaha. You wanted easy money.”

In reaction to these words, he said: “meaning u don’t believe that God is doing miracles.”

It appears Brighton is the only man in town who believes in the resurrection story…But many are also asking how he knows about the miracle if he was really dead.

Employer offers him his old job

The employer of the ‘dead’ man in the fake resurrection miracle by South African pastor Alph Lukau now wants him back to work saying he is the best employee.

Before the fake miracle, Brighton Elliot from Zimbabwe was working with a timber company in Pretoria and had been suspended after he showed up late at his workplace on a Monday and was expected to return the following day but he never went back.

His employer, Vincent Amoretti, who spoke to South Africa’s Enca said Brighton was a man who was dedicated to his duties and so far he was the best employee in the company before he went missing in February 4, 2019.

“He came here about six months ago and he was a very nice guy ready and willing to work and learn the wood industry. He was always smartly dressed and actually during our end year Christmas party he was the smartest,” said Amorreti.

He said Brighton’s quick learning saw him get promoted to become an assistant machinist but was involved in an accident where his finger was slightly cut which took away his confidence like it was the end of the world for him.

He said he was shocked to see him in a video inside a coffin with his mouth wide open and pretending to be dead.

“One of the employees came to my office and told me Brighton had died and showed me a video, I was shocked when I saw him lying in a coffin with his mouth wide open and he started breathing and came back to live, it was really a big joke,” he said.

The boss further disclosed that he had been soliciting other employees to join his church and perform the fake miracles for a payment as a part time job.

Asked on whether he would allow him back to work, Amorretti said he is very willing and ready to have him back based on his work performance record.


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