Sad News Rock Boulder Crushes, Kills 2 Students At St Charles Lwanga School In Chimanimani

FOUR students at St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School in Chimanimani were trapped after a rock boulder loosened and rolled onto a school dormitory.

A statement by the Jesuit Communications of Zimbabwe confirmed the incident.

Two bodies were retrieved by members of the Air Force of Zimbabwe while one was successfully rescued but injured. The fourth student went missing at the Roman Catholic Church-run school, while several others were also injured.

In a statement, the Jesuits Communications said: “A rock rolled from “mountain and hit the dinning hall which collapsed onto a dormitory” Reports are that some students have been rescued but there are fears of loss of. We pray.”

The rescue was reportedly delayed due to strong winds as well as a cut-off in communication linkage in the area following the cyclone.

The unfortunate incident happened as Tropical Cyclone Idai continues to wreak havoc in the eastern border district of Zimbabwe. At least 24 have been confirmed dead, while over 100 are missing following a night of incessant cyclone rains.

Meanwhile, the Civil Protection Unit has run an SMS broadcast on Saturday afternoon. “In case of strong winds, shelter in a house with the strongest roof and close all windows and doors. In case of emergency, dial 112.”

— ZOOMZimbabwe

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