Tragedy: 6-Year Old Hit And Killed By Reckless Driver Near Her School

A Bulawayo family was visited by misfortune yesterday after their six-year-old child was struck and killed by a speeding vehicle just outside the school gates.

Mbalenhle Sibanda (6) who was doing Grade One at Mckeurtan Primary School died on the spot. She had been crossing the road with her sister.

According to some people who spoke to the Chronicle, the driver was arrested at the scene although he is alleged to have initially tried to flee before being blocked from leaving.

Mbalenhle’s uncle told the Chronicle, “We’re told that the driver who was speeding hit her once and reversed and crushed her head and she died on the spot. This is devastating and we are saddened as a family by her death which was caused by a reckless driver.

“The young girl was excited about going to school in the morning and she didn’t bid me farewell as she does every day. She just left like that. She was with her sister who usually collects her from school.

“If he had not been stopped by other motorists he would have run away. The police have to deal with him or else he will cause the death of many children.”

Mbalenhle’s parents now have an unpleasant journey and emotionally taxing journey to bury their child are they are reported to be working in South Africa while the children stay with their grandmother.

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