UPDATED Sad News Sungura Musician Tedious Matsito Dies

Tadious Matsito, one of Zimbabwe’s famed musical talent that remains a hit to date has died. The sungura musician died and “Gede” hitmaker passed on today around 01:00hrs.

He had been ill for a long time.

A former gardener, Matsito rose to fame following the release of Gede, but his leg developed gangrene in May 2012, after he sustained injuries in a car accident in 2008, which killed some of his band members and destroyed all his musical instruments.

Tedious Matsito rocked the music industry in the 1990s. He travelled across the country staging sold-out shows. His music saturated playlists at gatherings and radio stations.

Talk of hits like “Nyaradzo”, “Gede Mwana” and “Madiro” among others. The tracks became anthems at the peak of the Ngwenya Brothers’ career.

The musician’s woes started when his band was involved in an accident on their way from a tour of Mozambique in August 2008. The accident claimed the life of his brothers  as well as a female dancer. The band also lost equipment and it was a huge blow to Matsito who had to go for many months without shows, which means he had no income. When Matsito recovered and started doing shows, another problem came.

The leg that had apparently healed developed gangrene and was amputated in 2012. Banc ABC came to his rescue and assisted with money to have his leg amputated, but his problems continued to mount.

He went through a leg amputation in South Africa in 2016 and also suffered a secondary stroke that left him needing speech therapy and a handicap to his left arm and shoulder.

His career took a slump as his music also lost popularity. Promoters did shows to assist him and some of the gigs flopped.

As he was soldiering on in face of harsh realities, Matsito suffered a stroke. This was the hardest blow to his career that has been punctuated with misfortunes since the destructive accident of 2008.

Recently, musician Alick Macheso has ‘adopted’ fellow ailing musician Tedious Matsito’s son, Tedious Muchapedza Jnr., who Tedious had anointed as the band leader to take over from him.

At the time, last year, Macheso said he was disturbed by Tedious Matsito’s deteriorating health.

“Mukoma Tedious is not well and I know the financial and psychological challenges this causes on the family. It will be good if we all come together and assist this legend. Everyone should bring on board whatever they think can help our brother recover. It should not just be us musicians but every Zimbabwean helping,” Macheso said in April last year.

Baba Sharo has been nurturing Muchapedza musically and providing him with free studio time at his Alema Studios in Chitungwiza among other things.

Tedious started a band with his brothers Albert, Jabulani, Michael and Edward in 1985 when they relocated to Glenara Estate in Mazowe to pursue their dream. Glenara Estate would be their launch pad.

In 1990 they released their first seven-single album which carried the songs ‘Sekuru Vatenga Mota’ and ‘Zuva Guru’.

Two years later they released their hit album “Nyaradzo” which catapulted to instant fame. Matsito would go on to release 14 albums without his late brothers. Among the list of impressive albums by Matsito include:

Kurongerana (2013)
Nyaradzo (1992)
Chivaraidzo (1994)
Chakanaka Chakanaka
Manyemwe Emhuru (1995)
Kugara Nekugara
Muzita rashe
Tumirai Shoko
Inguva Chete
He is survived by his wife Patience and six children. Funeral arrangements have not yet been advised. May his soul rest in peace.

— ZOOMZimbabwe

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