Vice President Mohadi’s son arrested after gun raid

Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s son, Bruce Nqobizitha Mohadi was arrested on Wednesday accused of seizing car keys and vehicle registration books from a car sale at gunpoint, ZimLive has learnt.

Mohadi was still in police custody on Thursday while consultations went on, according to police sources.

Mohadi and a second man arrived at the Covenant Car Sale on Chiremba Road in Braeside, Harare, at around 9AM on Wednesday and demanded to see the business’ owner, Jethro Mavangwa.

An employee, Ruramisai Chikwekwete called Mavangwa on his mobile phone and he spoke to the two men who expressed an interest in buying an Isuzu KB300 for $25,000.

When Chikwekwete led the men to an office to complete the paperwork, Mohadi allegedly pulled out a pistol on the woman and demanded to be told of Mavangwa’s whereabouts.

After Chikwekwete told them that Mavangwa was in Shamva, the two men – who were also brandishing handcuffs and claiming to be police officers – allegedly grabbed six vehicle registration books and the keys for the Isuzu. They jumped in the vehicle and left after writing down a contact number on which they said Mavangwa should contact them.

Braeside police, leading the investigation, later apprehended the two men who face armed robbery charges.

— ZimLive

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