We Are Not ZANU-PF, Says Khupe’s MDCT

THE Thokozani Khupe-led MDC has dismissed claims they are working with the ruling Zanu PF party alleging those spreading such rumours are being “jealous” of its leader.

The party leader’s spokesperson Webster Dube said Khupe will not sell out the people’s struggle for money or power by “forging an alliance with Zanu PF. Khupe was constitutionally elected as the president of the MDC at the Bulawayo Stanley Square Congress of April 2018.

“We state unequivocally that we are not Zanu PF.”

He said those who continue to spread the “unfounded, malicious and defaming rumours” are being used by certain political parties whose members are jealous of Khupe because of her political and personal accomplishments.

Dube maintained that Khupe is participating in the national dialogue to contribute to home grown solutions to the problems facing the country and not to seek political office or praise from President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Khupe is one of the 2018 presidential candidates that are taking part in national dialogue at Mnangagwa’s invitation.
“She fully understands that wishing for government’s failure is signing a death certificate of Zimbabweans because if government fails, it is the ordinary men and women on the street that will suffer,” Dube said.

Dube’s statement comes as the MDC-T national spokesperson Linda Masarira was pictured wrapped in a ZANU-PF campaign material.

The printed java wrap-around caused a stir on social media circles over the weekend. Writing on social media about the photo, Masarira said: “The Muroora went kumusha kunoratidzwa ndokubva adii paya ndokukanganwa Zambia kuHarare. Muroora Abi angu ndokundipa ravo, ndaigodii panga pasina yekutamba… Ndokungoita when you are in Rome you do what the Romans do kikikkkk.

A Facebook user who saw a related photo of Masarira had this to say: “Is this Linda Masarira in Zanu regalia? This is why folks say Thoko Khuphe’s party is an extension of Zanu.

“Linda Masarira as MDC T spokesperson and a seasoned activist knows the significance of her wearing the regalia of Zanu and not her own party.

“To think otherwise is being naive. ( Not sure if this was photoshopped. Linda is a public figure able to deal with fake news if it’s fake!”

However, others have claimed the picture is a photoshop act.

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— DailyNews

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