There was a horrible accident over the weekend after a motorist lost both her parents after she is reported to have failed to observe a stop sign.

According to local tabloid H-Metro, the woman who is yet to be identified was driving a Toyota Corolla and failed to observe a stop sign at the corner of Herbert Chitepo and Third Street in the Avenues area of Harare. Unfortunately, her parents who were in the car with her died on the spot after her car was hit by another.

A witness who spoke to H-Metro said,

She was speeding and did not stop at the intersection. The white Hilux driver was driving at a low speed but the fact that his car was bigger made the impact huge when they crashed. She was crying in pain, she lost her mother and father on the spot and she was seriously injured.

(All pictures by Tawanda Bote/H-Metro)

-Iharare News