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Drama At U.Z – Blesser Flees For His Life After Lover’s Boyfriend Catches Them

Jilted Lover Smashes Window

(Image Credit, H-Metro) During Happier Times……Clara Chaparadza & Tatenda Kandawasvika

There was drama at the University of Zimbabwe on Sunday after a hapless ”blesser”, fleed for his life after he had been caught red-handed with his alleged lover’s boyfriend.

It is reported by the local tabloid, H-Metro that, Clara Chaparadza allegedly double-crossed his boyfriend Tatenda Kandawasvika with a blesser only identified as Takudzwa.

After a tip-off, Kandawasvika is reported to have visited his Chaparadza’s hostel where he peeped through the window and noticed that his girlfriend was in the company of a man in a locked room.

The incident occurred at the university campus, New Complex 1 (NC1),

In a fit of rage, Tatenda broke the window and the Takudzwa took advantage and escaped through the window.

(Image Credit: H-Metro)
Clara Chaparadza

Clara refused to furnish the paper with details on what had transpired stating that;

” It circulated on social media so there is no need to comment now. Why would people post stuff without evidence.

It is alleged that Clara, seemed unrepented of her actions after posting a status on social media claiming that she owed no one any explanation.

” And finally, I have qualified to be a drama queen. I owe no one an explanation.”

-Iharare News

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