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‘Madzibaba’ Arrested With Black Mamba In His Bedroom, Say Snakes Survived By Sleeping With Wife

In a scene that seems to be straight from an African movie, a self-confessed prophet from Kuwadzana 4 was arrested after he was caught with two snakes in his bedroom.

The police discovered the snakes, black mamba and a green mamba stashed in pillowcases under the bed of Comrade Chinyanga, after his wife Jane had filed a police report.

However, after he was arrested, Chinyanga pulled a shocker when he assaulted the police officer who was escorting him to the police station in order to allow the snakes to escape. He claimed that it was necessary for him to release the snakes because he would have died if they made it to the police station. He said that the snakes would make their way back to Malawi where he had bought them.

Chinyanga appeared before Mbare Magistrate Kudzai Zihove-Mutero facing charges of engaging in practices associated with witchcraft as well as assaulting or resisting a peace officer.

According to H-Metro, the prosecution told the court that Chinyanga brought a live black mamba home in December and lied to his wife that he had removed it when he was conducting a cleansing ritual. He promised to burn the snake.

When the wife enquired about the snake a few days later, Chinyanga claimed that he had bought it from Malawi and threatened his wife with insanity if she said anything to anyone. He also told the wife that the snake needed to have se_xual intercourse with her.

Sometime in March, the wife came across a second snake, a green mamba this time, which was in a pillowcase under the bed. Unable to take more of the rituals, the wife filed a police report on March 30, which resulted in the arrest of Chinyanga.

While being escorted to the police station, Chinyanga attacked the police officer and managed to tear the pillow case which had the snakes, allowing them to escape.

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