NEWS that urban groover Enock ‘Nox’ Guni has proposed to his UK-based sweetheart has reached Nox’s former girlfriend Paida Zvirikuzhe, and she has made some chilling threats, saying she will soon crush her ex’s bubble.

The musician recently posted a video of himself proposing to his UK based girlfriend Tadzo Tin Tin who immediately took to social media to show off her ‘rock’.

However, Nox’s former girlfriend Paida Zvirikuzhe, better known as Amai Gamu in showbiz circles, does not seem too happy about the engagement and has threatened to make Nox ‘pay’ the price for dumping her.

She posted a message in which she seems to issue some chilling threats at the lovebirds, with a punchline that she is watching them and will soon bust their love nest.

Said Mai Gamu: “Silence is not a sign of weakness. People got boundaries, you cross that line and they snap. There are dues you pay and there (are) dues to end…I will soon end this due!! Ndirikukuonai zvangu (I am watching)!”

The former love birds become public enemies following a nasty breakup which resulted in the two exchanging harsh words on social media a few years ago.