A Harare tout has been sentenced to four months in jail for fondling a university student.

It is the State’s case that on March 24 at around 3pm, Ruvimbo Musline the complainant was walking with her friend and on approaching the Leopold Takawira Street and Speke Avenue in Harare, Nigel Akimu (25) approached her from the back and started fondling her.

This was seen by the complainant’s friend.

The State proved that what Akimu did was unlawful as he knew the complainant had not consented to the act.

According to the Herald, Akimu appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Edwin Marecha facing charges of indecent assault and was convicted after pleading not guilty to the charge.

Mr Marecha initially sentenced Akimu to six months in prison before suspending two months of the sentence on condition he does not commit a similar offence for the next five years.