ZAOGA’s popular but vulgar preacher Apostle Christopher Kapandura is known for stoking up controversy, including giving sermons loaded with e_xplicit chants.

The Chinhoyi-based Kapandura describes with ease p_rivate parts as he attacks unfaithful men and women and youths who are into promiscuity.

He always leaves some of his audience shocked by his selection of words in describing what “evil” people do. In the latest clip, he cautions the youth against being used for nonsensical things like airtime or cellphones or clothing fashion, and he deosn’t mince his words:

Last year, he told an H-Metro journalist: “Baba Guti vakandipa basa iri uye vakanditendera kunyora book and those doubting my messages let them get a copy and read what I preach about.

Watch him in one of his latest clips below:

“In that book I clearly explained how I came to use explicit language in my sermons and I do not feel shy but feel that I have clearly delivered a message to be understood by anyone.

“I am aware that people are circulating these messages on social media but I advise them to visit where I will be preaching so that they receive their salvation before they are taken by death.

“Some of the video clips were recorded by various organisations including private functions where I shared powerful messages.

“Many people love me including you that is why you decided to follow me from Harare to Chinhoyi asi ukanyora zvandisina kutaura ndinokuvinga kubasa kwako ikoko.

“My wife is fully supportive since she is one of our church leaders and we got married in 1985 and our wedding took place here at this Hunyani Assembly.