Linda Masarira: Kembo Mohadi Must Resign Over Domestic Violence

By Linda T Masarira ||

Cases of domestic violence continue to increase in Zimbabwe and it is very worrisome as women continue to lose their lives in these cases. Just last week pictures went viral on social media of a man who shot dead his wife and brother in law over a marriage dispute.

Its rather unfortunate that our society seems to have normalized the abnormal by keeping silent on matters of domestic violence which continue to affect livelihoods on a daily basis.

I was shocked to learn today of the allegations levelled against Vice President Kembo Mohadi of domestic violence. If the allegations against him are proven to be true, VP Mohadi should do the honorable thing and resign from his position as Vice President of Zimbabwe.

Leaders should lead by example and desist from any form of violence whether its domestic, political or social. We need leaders who lead by example and set an example that domestic violence is wrong and totally unacceptable.

Women continue to bear the brunt of domestic violence. Zimbabwe endorsed major international conventions and instruments by making them part of the laws of the land.

The country instituted fundamental policies and legal provisions which in theory, offer women protection of their rights in society yet practically women continue to suffer and lose their lives to their spouses.

The Anti-domestic Violence Council should be more visible that is if it still exists. Cases of violence within homes continue to rise despite the enactment of the domestic violence law which has not been enforced to curb the vice.

The Domestic Violence Act conceptualised domestic violence as physical abuse, emotional, verbal and psychological abuse, economic abuse, malicious damage to property, the list is endless.

As women who fight against any form of gender based violence, we stand with Senator Tambudzani Mohadi and implore her to ensure that she receives justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. VP Mohadi is not above the law and we want to see the law taking precedence in this matter.

Cases of apparent leniency in the sentencing of male offenders convicted of violence often attract media attention suggesting that this type of violence is not being taken seriously by the Zimbabwe criminal justice agencies. Senator Mohadi should open a case of domestic violence and we will stand with her until she justice is done.

An injury to one woman is an injury to all women. Other women’s organizations and pressure groups silence on this case is worrisome and an indicator of how polarized we are as a society to the extent that we can not call out to order offenders of women’s rights.

United we stand as women and divided we fall into oblivion. Be your sisters keeper.

In conclusion, the police should ensure that they restart robust awareness campaigns countrywide against domestic violence. ZWIPA urges people to desist from domestic violence and not to solve disputes through violent means.

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira
Zimbabwe Women In Politics Alliance Director

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