VIDEO: Only God Can Judge Me, Says Ivy Kombo

Gospel musician Ivy Kombo, who recently returned to Zimbabwe after more than a decade in the United Kingdom, has said she is only answerable to God and not to man of flesh.

Ivy, who claimed she was now an advocate with a Masters Degree in law, has been attacked by some Zimbabweans who accuse her of adultery and going against accepted Christian norms after she married to Pastor Admire Kasi who had adopted her as his daughter.

Ivy Kombo

On Sunday evening, Ivy appeared on Acie Lumumba’s #TLFDrive, where she was adamant that only God could judge her.

She gushed about her love for her husband who returned with her last week, and indicated that the couple have since left ZAOGA and started their own ministry which operates from an address in Harare’s Avenues area.

She however said she still regards ZAOGA FIF founder Ezekiel Guti as her father.

Watch the video below:

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