Chamisa To Mobilise Masses, Says Not Afraid Of State Terror

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed to brave what he predicts to be President Emmerson’s brutal response to government confrontation his party has planned for the period following the main opposition’s on-going elective congress in Gweru.

In his address at the party’s congress underway in Gweru and while speaking in coded language, Chamisa spoke of bloodshed “when we do what we will do after congress”.

Chamisa, who is set to be endorsed as substantive party leader after he emerged unopposed during party nominations some few weeks ago, said he will begin consultations towards transforming Zimbabwe immediately.

“We are going to mobilise for change and we are going to mobilise for transformation,” he said.

“But I know that once we start doing what we have to do after congress, they (government) will panic and start killing people.

“However, you can kill but you cannot kill all the people. You will die before you kill everyone. We are ready to die; some of us are already dead anyway.

“They have threatened to arrest us. It’s ok. No party has monopoly to do as it pleases and harass other citizens. Go and hang. I am done with Mnangagwa.”

The 41-year-old lawyer who has rejected Mnangagwa’s overtures for dialogue, said he has no appetite for power.

“I am ready to stay at home as long as the country is being run well. Mnangagwa has failed to unite the people and I have to do it.

“We don’t want political dialogue to share power but to share a vision,” he said.

Chamisa added that the MDC would force a fresh election in Zimbabwe before 2023.

“We will resolve the issues in this country. We will have an election not as expected in 2023 but earlier. If they are unwilling we will force them,” said the MDC leader whose own legitimacy as opposition chief is currently the subject of a bruising court battle.

-New Zim

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