Chasi Tells Fuel Dealers To Act Knowing Their Licences Are Due For Renewal In 6 Months

Energy and Power Development Minister Advocate Fortune Chasi has warned fuel players that their licenses will be due for renewal in six months and their conduct during times of shortage will influence decisions that will be taken for or against them.

He said there are some fuel players who are withholding fuel which has resulted in critical shortages.

Chasi who upon appointment two weeks ago, promised to deal with errant fuel moguls, told a press briefing soon after meeting with the fuel industry players that of players and competition is under the purview of ZERA not him as the Minister and  they have 18 pieces of legislation to deal with such.

He however, said prices remain the same as of now, at least until next week Thursday when the Ministry is meeting energy players to discuss prices.

He said the Ministry has drafted a raft of measures which will be used to deal with errant fuel retailers.

The measures have since been submitted to the Attorney General for streamlining.

More details to follow


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