I was caught in cross fire- Meme

Socialite and businesswoman Mercy “Favoured Meme” Gumbo says she was almost caught in the crossfire in an attempted Monday night attack of Madam Boss.

The 27-year-old, who chauffeured Madam Boss to her Sunridge home on the fateful day, said they were saved by neighbours.

“We are co-tenants with Madam Boss at a complex where we are selling our wares in town.

“We have become more than friends as we sell similar stuff and we also exchange notes.

“As it stands, Madam Boss has become more of a friend than competitor and that’s why I gave her a ride home after our business meeting,” she said.

Despite her car being damaged, Meme sympathised with Madam Boss amidst claims the drama was stage-managed.

“There were theories doing rounds that the foiled attack was a stunt by Madam Boss but to be honest I am still in shock as well.

“It was my car which was damaged and not Madam Boss’ as claimed by social media users.

“I actually left it there and she only brought it today (yesterday) after all the drama which occurred.

“I was nervous and I had to find a driver to take me home. I had nightmares on Monday night and did not enjoy my sleep,” she said.

Meme urged Madam Boss to beef her security and make peace with some of her rival.

“I have realised that there is need for her to beef up her security and monitor her movements because a lot has been happening.

“As for social media wars, I have also released that they are real and they can end up in nasty fashion if not well addressed,” she said.

Meme who has gone for counselling after the trauma urged Madam Boss to remain firm and resolute in her business.



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