Just in Chiwenga now in Dubai

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s luxury jet lef India and headed to Dubai on Monday.

When Former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo was asked about the health situation of     Chiwenga in India he said, “India? No longer there. Try Dubai!”

Chiwenga recently traveled to India for a medical checkup after his health deteriorated.

Journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu whose media outlet has been tracking Chiwenga’s luxury jet revealed further information about the General’s suspected whereabouts.

“The plane left India for Dubai. Was the passenger on board? It now looks doubtful.” He said. “If that’s the case, it suggests that the “review” per Charamba has turned into a much bigger problem where the plane’s owners are no longer certain about return date. It’s in Dubai for sure. Unless he has changed planes… which I doubt much.”

Chiwenga became visibly sick soon after the November 2017 bloody coup that ended 7 years of President Robert Mugabe’s iron rule.

During his sister’s funeral he revealed that him and his wife started getting sick during the coup.

He is suffering from an unknown illness that causes his skin to bleach and his body to swell.

South Africa’s pastor Alph Lukau said he is suffering from witchcraft while conspiracy theorists allege poisoning.

Zimbabwe’s elite have been accused of shunning local hospitals to seek medication in foreign lands.


– Byo24News
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