JUST IN: ZCTU Says They Have NOT Called For Stay Away This Week

The Union called for all workers to report for work as it was currently engaged in negotiations with the government over the economic challenges.

Writing on the organisation’s social media account, the ZCTU said

The ZCTU wishes to dispel rumours going around that it has called for a stay away tomorrow, Monday 27 May 2019. The ZCTU has not called for a stay away in its own name or as a coalition with any groupings.

While the ZCTU General Council acknowledged that workers are facing serious hardships it decided that: ( i )We will first urge the Government to convene an urgent TNF meeting focusing on finding a quick mutual solution to the economic crisis.

The GC further decided that : ( ii ) We immediately start wide consultations aimed at find(ing) out what workers consider as the appropriate nature & timing of a General Strike should the Government refuse or neglects to deal with the crisis collectively with social partners.

We, therefore, advise workers to take note of our position and to participate in the consultative meetings ( labour forums) throughout the country. Kindly follow our official communication for when we call for action, it is announced by our office bearers only.



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