‘Powerful People’ Are Nudging ED, Chamisa To Dialogue

SOME powerful people in the corridors of power within Zimbabwe and the region are reportedly pushing for national dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, it has been reported.

One such political heavyweight was reportedly in Gweru during the weekend the MDC was holding its 5th Congress, ostensibly to meet up with Chamisa away from the glare of the media.

The bid for national dialogue is also reportedly being pushed by concerned powerful people around President Mnangagwa who want to coax Chamisa to meet with his rival soon.

The worsening economic crisis which is becoming reminiscent of 2008 by the day, has forced the hand of those reported to be close to Mnangagwa.

A report by the Daily News claims that a number of emissaries were dispatched to meet with Chamisa, the latest one being the sending of a well-known figure to the recent MDC congress held in Gweru.

A Daily News source revealed that everybody is just frustrated with the economic situation and that there have been talks about talks with no movement.

Said the source: “While a meeting between ED and Chamisa may not necessarily change the economic situation in the country, the hope is that any talks will reduce tension in the country, which is most helpful.

“There is also the realisation across the board that much of our economic problems emanate from political tensions in the country, which won’t resolve themselves.”

A Namibian-based political analyst who spoke to the Daily News, Admire Mare said: “It’s every Zimbabwean’s hope that one day these political gladiators can bury the hatchet and agree to meet and finalise the long-awaited inclusive government which has the potential to stop the economic bleeding we are witnessing.”

“Unfortunately, the signs are not reassuring and there seems to be no appetite for such kind of a meeting. However, in politics, these things can happen behind our backs.”

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