The 7 Stages Of A Price Hike In Zimbabwe

The government on Tuesday dismissed reports that the price of fuel had been hiked to around $8 dollars a litre amid the free fall in the value of the RTGS$ on both the interbank market and parallel market.

After rumours started to circulate around midday that service stations have again hiked the price of the precious liquid, government officials immediately rebuffed the claims.

However, the citizens have been there before where a price hike is announced, the government denies it, only to confirm it later.

The case of Zera and the recurrent fuel price hikes only confirm what has become a clear pattern and sequence of events leading to a price hike.

Here are the seven stages of a price hike in Zimbabwe:

1. Unconfirmed reports
2. Unconfirmed reports plus pictures
3. Questions from public
4. Silence from the government
5. Unconfirmed reports gather momentum
6. Formal denial by the government of the hike
7. The government formally announces price hike.

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