Grave tempering shocker….shock as woman is busted digging at child’s grave

Villagers in Lupane had the shock of their lives when they caught a woman digging up the grave of her recently deceased child.

Grace Ncube, 28, gave birth to a baby boy about three months ago and was constantly seen by family members breast feeding him.

But her joy was short lived as the baby soon succumbed to an illness and was buried in the homestead.

“After the baby was buried Grace kept on telling us that she has problems sleeping as she always saw the baby in her dreams. We were then shocked to see her one early morning digging by the child’s grave,” said a reliable source.

She added: “When we asked her what she was doing she said she was only clearing the grass which was on the grave. Her response left tongues wagging as people came up with various theories as to what her intentions could be. We know it was her child but now we fear she wants the baby’s remains for witchcraft purposes.”

The area’s councillor Kevin Ncube said he heard about the issue and that Grace’s actions did not sit well with some residents as what she did is taboo in the community.

“Most villagers think she wanted to tamper with the baby’s body and they keep wondering what she wanted to do with the remains. It is rather sad because we have stayed with her for a long time and she seemed like a good person so we don’t really know what led her to do such an evil thing. Her actions are definitely disturbing and we hope we will get proper answers for her actions, that’s if she is not mentally disturbed at all,” said the councillor.

– B-Metro

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