Zanu-PF Youth Leader Tells U.S. Government To ‘Go To Hell’

Zanu-PF deputy youth league chairperson Lewis Matutu recently told the United States to go to hell and accused it of supporting alleged economic saboteurs.

This comes amid increasing arrests of human rights activists whom the government accuses of attending conferences which are alleged to be plotting to oust President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government through violent means.

Responding to a US Embassy Harare’s tweet called on the government to stop the arrests of civil society leaders, Matutu said the US has a hidden agenda as it allegedly supports violent means by civil society leaders.

“To hell with you a hypocrite and devil of double evil standards, you have imposed sanctions on our country, you are funding economic saboteurs against our country, you organize midnight meetings plotting on destabilising our country and now you pretend to care, really? Be ashamed,” he said.

This is despite consented efforts by the Mnangagwa administration to mend the broken relations between Harare and Washington.

However, events after the July 2018 elections have made almost impossible for the relations to be mended.

The post-election killings coupled with the January’s brutality on civilians by the and the recent arbitrary arrests of civil society leaders have been high on the lips of the Western world’s hesitance to engage Mnangagwa as they accuse him of failing to come up with reforms to usher in a new dispensation to the troubled nation.

Hopes were high that the coming in Mnangagwa would bring relief to the country after almost four decades of misrule by his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

However, the new administration seems to have shot itself in the foot as there seems to be discord in the cockpit.

While Mnangagwa has been preaching re-engagement, his party and some individuals aligned to him have been singing from different tune books.

The Zanu-PF party threatened to respond violently if the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa and other civil society groups take the violence route to confront the government.

Frustrated by an ailing economy, there had been calls for a total shutdown by citizens who are calling on the government to put in place measures that ensure economic recovery.

Yesterday, churches called on unity between the two main political groupings while warning both Mnangagwa and Chamisa that they risk putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk if they do no contain their camps.


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