ZEC Official Pokes Fun At MDC Congress: “Where Are The Results?”

A Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) senior official has poked fun at the way the opposition MDC has prepared and run its Congress vote in Gweru.

In a tongue-in-cheek comment, ZEC’s Commissioner in charge of public liaison, Dr Qhubani Moyo, has said the MDC should have invited him to teach them how to prepare and run elections.

“On a lighter note these guys should just have invited me to teach them how to prepare and run elections. Meanwhile where are the results? ???Anyway good luck to all my buddies who are contesting,” Dr Moyo said on social media.

His comments come as the opposition party has failed to meet timelines for its own elections at Ascot Stadium in Gweru, with most of the voting so far having been conducted late night to early morning.

The MDC Congress was supposed to have ended Sunday mid-day, according to the schedule, but vote counting is still on-going after delegates’ voting proceeded late into Sunday evening and Monday morning.

The Youth Assembly elections on Friday also failed to start on time and ended up encroaching into the early hours of Saturday.

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