Zesa Power Cuts Blamed For Fire

In a rather sad incident, a Kambuzuma family was left counting their losses after they lost their child when a fire razed down their house which is suspected to have been started by a power appliance when electricity was restored just before midnight.

The H-Metro reports that the recently renovated house 313 section 2 in Kambuzuma was left in ashes after a fire broke out around 1 am hours after electricity had been restored.

The cause of the fire is yet to be established, but it is suspected that the erratic power cuts which have become the order of the day could have been the cause.

(Image Credit: H-Metro)

The publication also reports that it is believed that a stove had been left on which triggered the fire when power was restored around 11 pm.

Neighbors who spoke to the publication said that they had been woken up by screams of the girl who had been trapped inside the blaze while others were woken up by explosions.

The fire brigade is reported to have arrived close to 30 minutes later and managed to rescue another child that had been trapped in the raging fire.

The two were children of the tenants and had been left in the care of the maid as their mother had traveled to Zambia on business.

One of the neighbors who spoke to the publication on the condition of anonymity blamed the power utility for the incident because of its erratic load-shedding.

” Zesa is letting us down by restoring power late in the night, it’s better that they do their load-shedding during the day and bring back the power at night to allow people to switch off their gadgets vasati varara,”’he said.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) earlier on this week issued a statement in which they said that the load shedding schedule is not fixed but subject to change depending on the power available.

(Image Credit: H-Metro)

.-Iharare News

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