Zimbabweans Are Privileged To Have ED As President –Says Wutaunashe

RENOWNED religious leader and founder of the Family of God church Reverend Andrew Wutaunashe yesterday spent the better part of his church service telling congregants that Zimbabweans were “privileged to have the kind of selfless leaders that sacrificed their interest for the liberation of the nation.”

“Know that the values and foundations and history of our nation are sacred. Let us value our leader, President Emmerson Mnangagwa one of our liberation fighters. We are privileged as a nation to have such calibre of leaders. Let us value our leaders, the departed and the living.

“Let us appreciate the contributions of leaders Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, Robert Mugabe and the recently departed Dumiso Dabengwa. May his soul rest in peace.

“President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 is our greatest asset as a nation. The vision will not die. It will speak and it will live because this vision is based on God. Whatever has its foundations on God will live.

“The sound of scolding voices will fade as the vision of ED will live. The vision is bigger than us. It will bring glory and productivity and will restore our nation to its glory and beyond. Let us have hope in the nation. Let us all fight hard knowing what our efforts will yield.

“Our greatest hope is in the Lord. There comes hope in knowledge that we have a vision because with no vision a nation is destroyed,” said Rev Wutaunashe.

He castigated religious leaders who spoke ill of the nation and its leaders.

“Anyone who trashes our history in politics or religion does so out of total foolishness. Don’t wish to be like the western nations. We are complete as a nation and we are ‘enough’.

“To those that wish to be like the neighbour, have you noticed that those nations never trash their history and they are proud of their history and the foundation of their nationhood?” asked Rev Wutaunashe.

He said the scolding voices of naysayers would fade as fruits of government efforts will soon be visible for all to see.

“As a church we have concern on rising attitudes that trash our history as a country. No matter what happens, never look back and think it was better. Never look back to Egypt.

“No matter how hard the journey is, do not look back. Remember the prioritisation of our liberation struggle and the sacrifices of our leaders,” he said.

The religious leader urged Zimbabweans to value the sacrifices of the nation’s leaders and play their part in building the country.

“These pains that the country is experiencing are the pains of a woman giving birth. In times of hardships it is easy to despair and blame, become faithless and lose hope.

“As we celebrate Africa Day, let us remember the contributions of those that came before us, lay our hope and trust in the Lord and have faith in the vision of our leaders.

“Let us build ourselves as Africans as this is time for Africa’s revival. Let us remember that the Lord gave our liberation war fighters power to overcome forces and stronger military forces. Our fighters are our own Moses who led us from turmoil,” said Rev Wutaunashe.

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