Are we in for another Zimceleb war? Kikky Badass and Vimbai Zimuto

It looks like Zimcelebs are taking in the American or should l say the entertainment rules of dividing sides within the entertainment industry. It seems as if that’s the way our entertainment is heading. Yesterday it was Mai Titi and Madam Boss, as Mai Titi lashed out at Madam Boss. (At least that’s what rumours are saying).  Now it seems there is another war brewing in Rapper and dancer Kikky Badass against controversial singer Vimbai Zimuto.

Vimbai Zimuto and KikkyAn Instagram page using the name Zimcelebs posted a picture showcasing Vimbai Zimuto’s latest project in which Kikky Badass replied with a caption below…

Vimbai Zimuto

Are getting the wrong message or its actually a war in brewing? What do you think?

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