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Tables Turn Against Matutu Over Corruption List

Matutu under fire for extortion
Zanu PF Secretary for Youth League Lewis Matutu’s move to expose party members and business people allegedly involved in illegal foreign dealings and corruption has backfired amid accusations that he is extorting
bigwigs threatening to expose them on alleged corruption dealings.

Yesterday, Matutu named a number of party members including Obert Mpofu and Prisca Mupfumira as well as Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Dr John Mangudya for being involved in corruption.
The Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) executive, Henerieta Rushwaya who was also named on Matutu’s list said it was just unfortunate that the Zanu PF Youth league deputy secretary asked for farm equipment from her.
“It is just unfortunate that Matutu called me asking for farmVequipment and I told him that I did not have what he was asking about and I was shocked that he named me among corrupt people in the
country. That is ridiculous and I have recordings of his calls when push comes to the shove I am going to release the charts and recorded calls,” she fumed.
Sources said Matutu also savaged Wedza South constituency MP Tinoda
“Tinmac” Machakaire for buying Warriors jersey for USD 10 000 saying the youthful businessman was supposed to give the money to the Youth League so that they can fund their programs.
“Tinmac was under fire last week for purchasing a warriors jursey and
these guys wanted the money to come to the Youth League so that they
use it. Matutu was given money by Machakaire to use it at the Youth
League but he is yet to declare the money so he must shut up,” he
Contacted for comment, Machakaire said he could not comment on the matter.
Another Zanu PF youthful MP for Gokwe Nembudziya constituency Justice Mayor Wadyajena took his twitter account to slam Matutu, labeling him an extortionist.
“We have backslid to the Grace era where G40 youths used extortion
against citisens to avoid public lynching. A country can’t be dictated to by a bunch of youth at a presser. Do they even understand the consequences of alleging corruption by head of Reserve Bank Zimbabwe for Corruption,” he said.
UNIFREIGHT Zimbabwe marketing executive Lisbon Monda said maybe he was mistakenly named because of false story published in a local weekly
Matutu was adamant saying those were just fabrications of people who were named.
“I am not blackmailing anyone and we are going head on,” he said.

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