Alick Macheso Visits His Mother In Rural Shamva See Pics

SUNGURA kingpin Alick Macheso took time off his busy schedule to visit his mother in rural Shamva.

Nyangwe uve kure kwaugere tatata, amai nababa usavakanganwa… Vakatsamwa ivo, rimwe gore uchazviona. PaShamva ipapo…,” says Macheso, quoting a verse from one of his yesteryear hits.

The Charakupa hit maker said his music was a reflection of the various stages that he went through in his journey to self-actualisation.

“When people see the accomplished musician that I have become, it’s tempting to think I had it easy, but the struggles and setbacks were too much and in some instances, insurmountable.

“Growing up without a father is not easy, but I am grateful to my mother and her family for the support that laid the foundation to the man I have become,” he said.

Macheso was born to Hudson and Emilia Chisale. His parents were of Malawian origin. They migrated from Malawi and then to Mozambique driven by the desire for farming.

However, since Macheso’s father, Hudson Chisale was a musician, Macheso’s mother’s family would not let their daughter marry him.

He is still looking for his father, and hopes to find him one day…

— ZOOMZimbabwe

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