Chamisa Says Ready To Give His Crowds The Signal To Face Zanu-PF On The Streets

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa says now that his party’s Congress issues are over, he is ready to confront President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu-PF, and the battle will be on the streets.

He said this as the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Cain Mathema recently warned the government will not hesitate to “deal ruthlessly with perpetrators of violence aimed at destabilising the country.”

The 41-year-old says threats from the State security services would not deter him and his followers to march on the street to demand that President Mnangagwa comes to the negotiating table.

He denies that his party is planning violent protests, saying peaceful protests are provided for in the constitution and that is the route the MDC will take.

Speaking to the Standard, Chamisa said: “The Mnangagwa administration hase always institutionalised lies and deception, typical of a leopard that accusing it’s offspring of smelling like a goat in order to try and justify eating or cannibalising your own, but let me tell you this and I will say it now and forever more, wee are not going to allow a situation where there is violence in the country.

“We believe in peaceful politics and democratisation. We believe in non-violence and that is what we are going to be pursuing.

“If we are going to demonstrate, it is constitutional, if we are to demonstrate it is allowed because an unhappy people have a right to demonstrate.

He added: “There is nothing untoward in demonstrating. In any case, we are demonstrating to ask them to come to the negotiating table. It is not as if we are demonstrating to run over them because we believe in the constitutional order but why is it that they are so scared of dialogue?

“Why is it that all the time they always think about violence? Why are they always thinking of spilling blood? They must not panic but must address issues raised by the people.

“We are peacemakers, we are doves and we are ready to smoke a peace pipe with those who love peace, but we will not allow macho tactics and funny tactics by those who want to intimidate us — that we will not allow.”

Chamisa recently also came under fire from the Zanu PF Women’s League, which vowed to crush any attempts by the opposition leader to “sabotage the economy and topple President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s constitutionally elected government.”

“We warn him to stop abusing innocent and unsuspecting people to engage into violent demonstrations because the women and Zanu-PF at large will not fold hands and let him destabilise our hard won independence to achieve his political regime change agenda,” the ruling party’s Secretary for Women’s League, Mabel Chinomona, declared on Friday.

Turning to the MDC, Chamisa is happy that former members like Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncubewho had led breakaway factions are back.

“All our comrades who had left are already back in the fold and we are happy that the MDC is back to its original form, if not better.

“You can tell by the momentum in the country, the mood in the country that the party has reclaimed its mojo, the party is on the rise and the party is getting bigger and stronger, better if not best.

“We are so excited and we will continue, if there are any other members who are willing to come to the party who were there originally (they are welcome) but most of them are now back,” he says.

Chamisa dismisses fears that the party is weaker since loyalists like Morgen Komichi were defeated at the Congress.

“We look at individuals and their competence. I can tell you that the leadership we have is the best we have had in a long time, in fact the MDC is now stronger, bigger and better.

“We are now in the original position if not better. The only missing element in the MDC is the departed comrades, president Tsvangirai included, but I can tell you that the party is stronger and vibrant.

“I felt privileged that at the age of 40 I am presiding over a very serious and competent team, which has been given the task of democratising our country and liberating our people.

“It’s no mean task, it’s no mean duty but I can tell you that we have an indomitable and formidable team that has the best brains, vibrancy and capacity and we are ready to unite and move the struggle to a new level but more importantly to build our country and sign a new course for it.

“I want to say that we have buried the time for blame and lame excuses, it’s now all shoulders to the block and all hands on deck.”

— ZOOMZimbabwe

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