Dabengwa Family Clashes With Govt Amid Reports Govt Tried To Hijack Funeral

There was a bit of drama at the burial of the late national hero and intelligence Supremo Dumiso Dabengwa after his family clashed with the government over the latter’s attempt to take over the burial proceedings.

However, the family stood firm and informed the government that they would proceed with what they had planned.

CiteZw reports, “We are at the burial of Dr Dabengwa in Ntabazinduna.
However, the family through their spokesperson have called out the Govt for imposing their own programme.

“The Family have put (their) foot down and said they will do own program first then Govt can do theirs later.

“The Dabengwa family spokesperson, Gibson Sibanda said they had kindly told Govt what they planned to do and as instructed, he will do that. He has taken over as the MC.”.


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