Elikem Dumps Pregnant Zimbabwean Fiancée Edith Chibhamu

GHANAIAN celebrity tailor Elikem Kumordzie is rocking social media chatrooms again after it emerged that he is no longer with his Zimbabwean fiancée Edith Chibhamu.

Edith took to social media to share her devastation:

Although sources say Edith’s ‘shady’ past was to blame for the breakdown of the two-year marriage, it has also been revealed that Elikem’s womanizing also irrevocably harmed the relationship.

It seems relationships and commitment are not Elikem‘s kind of thing. In April, his former mistress Pokello Nare, the self-proclaimed queen of swagger, opened up about what led her to divorce with Ghanaian, saying the tailor was not ready to be a husband.

Pokello and Elikem, who met on the Big Brother Africa reality show in 2013 divorced last year after a four-year relationship. They have a son together.

During a question and answer session on her Instagram page, Pokello was asked by one of her more than 500 000 fans why she and Elikem broke up.

She responded: “He wasn’t ready to be a husband and unfortunately after four years of trying to be patient with-all his transgressions, I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

There are also accusations that Elikem used Edith for money and to further his career. One follower on social media asked him: “Is it true that you dumped Edith Chibhamu after using her to further your career?”

Elikem replied: “No doubt that Edith came into my life and help came from her, she paid part of the rent for my East Legon flagship store, not to further my career though, and like every business, everyone needs a push and she offered to help, was I stupid to accept?

“What I’ve built in the last 6 years is worth much more than what ever amount you can think of and we are not together anymore but my work continues and continues in a greater light because of my hard work diligence and passion. Put in some work too. And don’t reject help. It may be from God through that human.”

Now with the Edith Chibhamiu bomb exploding, Kumordzie is rumored to be fratenizing with another woman whilst in a relationship with Edith who was carrying his child.

Elikem and Edith during happier times

This came out when Ghanaian actress Afia Schwarzenegger was roped into Elikem‘s shenanigans.

She however, in a bid to clear her name, went on social media and revealed the name of Elikem’s Ghanaian girlfriend with whom he has been cheating on Edith.

Said Afia: “@elikemkumordzie ,you and your girlfriend @hon_rachel_appoh should remove my name from your mouth… I dnt want to sit up at night and call the holy spirit on your name,) said u dnt want me to wake up at nite,write your name and boil it with psalm 35.. Be very careful.

“You Elikem had it all but your greed has brought you here and if you want to know who told me what,ask your girlfriend @hon_rachel_appoh ,she is the one that told me what your mother told her. I wont warn both of you again, as we can see your destiny is in hot water and u dnt need psalm 35.1 AM WARNING YOU.. Comot my name from your mouth or else you will run from Ghana I promise you.

Elikem‘s sidechick

“Every body in Ghana knows I am not a good person,yet I am not a scammer n dnt take women’s money n ruin them I Have Warned You Both… I am not a good woman yet I haven’t taken another woman to juju becos of Elikem.”

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