“I Only Bought Groceries Once” – Fungisai Speaks On Amazing Win At OK Grand Challenge

Fungisayi Mafuka, 47, the woman who won a Nissan Navara double-cab after scooping the main prize at the OK Grand Challenge 2019 Edition, has said she feels like she is living a dream.

Mafuka is a single mother of three and works as a general dealer at Roadport bus terminus.

She says she was confident of winning the Navara Double Cab even though she only purchased groceries at the retailer once, and had never owned a car her whole life.

Neither does she have a drivers’ license.

In an interview with a local publication, H-Metro, Fungisayi said: “It feels like a dream. I am excited to win the car and I have been telling my friends and sister that I would land the Navara.

“I only bought groceries once, on the eve of Independence Day and said to myself. I would attend this year’s grand challenge at the race course.

Fungisayi revels in her prized asset

“I have never owned a car in my life neither am I a licensed driver. I am taking the Navara for a drive to celebrate with my mother in Gutu. I also wish my father was alive. I dedicate this car to my parents.”

Fungisayi who is life long fan of European Champions and English Football giants Liverpool FC is reported to have won big again after she placed a bet that Liverpool would beat Tottenham FC in the Uefa Champions League final on Saturday.

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