I Use Shoes To Capture Young Fans- Fungisai

Gospel-cum-secular musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave has said she has maintained a relatively young fan base largely because of her style which includes a highly attractive collection of shoes which has proved to be a bait for young people.

Fungisai, who insists that she has never diverted from gospel music despite having some songs which are more secular than gospel, said she uses different approaches in packaging her music meant for different people altogether.

Her eccentric shoes collection has hogged the limelight in the recent past and have matched the change in her.

“I have many fans who are young and they like my style, they like different things about me but mostly my shoes, so they come to me because they find my shoes very attractive and at the same time, they will be listening to my music which works for me,” she said.

However, the I Belong To Jesus hitmaker says contrary to what has been written about her, she has used her versatility to lure different people into the gospel as she believes she still sings gospel albeit in secular circles.

“I have this approach and I have come to understand that I have to package the same message in order to appeal to different people from different walks of life.

“People have different types of music , some love reggae and that’s why I have some reggae songs, some love Sungura, Chimurenga and when dancehall music came on board, I realised that if we do not package that positive (gospel) message on this beat, we are going to lose our children,” she said.

Fungisai added that she is still in ministry and will continue to enjoy but will not watch as kids default from the gospel.

“I’m a mother, I have seen my kids grow up and I’m concerned, but you know what, I will package that same message so that my children will listen to it,” she noted.

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