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VETERAN artiste Aaron Chiundura Moyo has anointed his last born son, Tatenda, as the heir to his arts throne, this publication has established.

The multi-talented arts practitioner who recently turned 69, has of late become more concerned about his afterlife. Chiundura Moyo is not married but has three known children, two boys and a girl.

Aaron Chiundura Moyo and his last born son Tatenda

A deep conversation with the tough talking and skilled artiste revealed an underlying desire to safeguard his legacy, even after his time. Unfortunate incidences that recently befell the arts sector, talk of the death of Dr Oliver Mtukudzi and Charles Mungoshi, seem to have forced him out of his cosiness.

A lot of empires, particularly in the arts sector, have crumbled following the demise of their founders. Some children left behind often struggle (due to lack of grooming and talent) to carry on with the legacy of their parents.

It does not follow that if one of the parents, or both, is an artiste, so must be the children. But Chiundura Moyo says he has identified talent among his offspring.

However, one wonders if the decision will go down well with his other children.

His daughter Farai is an actress and writer while his other son is in the diaspora with no available information on what he is doing.

Chiundura Moyo is an accomplished novelist, scriptwriter, producer, playwright and actor.

He has written novels, some that have been used in schools as set books. He has produced countless dramas and television series for Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

“I’m not growing young and growing old means moving a step close to the grave.

It is my advanced age that has made me realise the importance of fully grooming my own flesh and blood. I don’t want my work to follow me to the grave,” revealed Chiundura Moyo.

“I want my son to step into my shoes now so that I can guide and correct his mistakes while I’m still alive. It will be different if someone else is to groom him.”

He explained how he started working with his children.

“He (Tatenda) is not the one I started working with. It was my daughter Farai that came first and she is older than him. However, Fari stopped pursuing arts when she got married to the now late Sam Parirenyatwa.

“Fari and Tatenda both featured on ‘Tiri parwendo’. But I decided to work with them, particularly Tatenda, when I realised their talents. I was helping strangers become writers, producers and directors, yet I was not doing the same for my children,” recounted Chiundura Moyo.

Tatenda, who is part of the “Pedyo Kure” cast as Martin also doubles as a producer. The celebrated artiste speaks highly of his son’s achievements.

“I realised Tatenda can do a lot of things. In fact, he is much better than me. He can do technical stuff that I have no clue about. We argue a lot during production as he challenges some of my ideas and I also do the same with his work.

“But ultimately we are blending skills that are separated by generational differences. Above all, I want to make sure that he appreciates the importance of our culture in his modern approach,” said Chiundura Moyo.

Tatenda and his father take turns to direct shooting and on scriptwriting for “Pedyo Kure”. However, the seasoned artiste feels more still needs to be done for the young man to become an arts package of repute.

Tatenda, a holder of a journalism qualification, started his arts journey in the late ’90s as a supporting actor on the popular “Gringo” drama series. He starred as Tatenda, son to the late actress Sithembeni Makawa (Mai Gweshegweshe).

But the mother-son relationship was not just for the small screen.

Makawa is Tatenda’s biological mother.

“It all started on ‘Gringo’ when I featured as son to Mai Gweshegweshe, who happens to be my real mother. I then joined ‘Nzungu Muriva’ and I also played as Tatenda before I went to boarding school.

When I came back, I joined ‘Tiri parwendo’ as Tawanda before I changed to Tiri in the new season of the series. After that I joined ‘Wenera’ as Manyodo and I’m now with ‘Pedyo Kure’,” said Tatenda.

Apart from “Pedyo Kure”, he is also working on a new production “Rujeko”, featuring veteran actress Jesesi Mungoshi, which is due for release soon.

“I think I have the capacity to carry on after my father.

Basically I have learnt everything to do with production from him and I have even proceeded to acquire extra knowledge.

“It has been challenging working with him since he is a veteran and also, he wants to treat me as his child as opposed to an employee. I’m glad though we are getting along. I have improved my financial management skills, a department my father falls short in.”

— SundayNews

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