JUST IN: Fortune Chasi Fires Entire ZESA Board

Newly-appointed Minister of Energy and Power Development, Fortune Chasi, has reportedly fired the entire ZESA board.

A report by to social media activists, ZANU PF Patriots quotes Chasi as saying:

I looked at the minutes and discovered that the board spent much time on peripheral issues instead of dealing with real issues affecting Zesa.

There is evidence of no planning in carrying out their mandate and I found it fit to relieve the entire board of their duties.

We have a crisis and I expected the board to be handling such but instead, they dwell on none key issues.

The report added:

Chasi also said the entire board failed to deal with recommendations in the Zesa audit which exposed a lot of rot.

The board sat on the audit and nothing was being done to implement the recommendations in the audit.

For Zesa to be transformed it requires men and women who are capable of thinking outside the box and the ministry is now busy looking for such people.

ZESA officials have over the years been accused of massive corruption involving millions of US dollars.

The company is saddled with debt to foreign power suppliers and is not able to meet even half of the country’s electricity requirements.


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