Just In: Tongaat Hulett Announces 100% Increase In Sugar Prices (See New Prices)

Tongaat Hulett Zimbabwe has released new sugar prices which are effective 3 June 2019, effectively raising the price by 100% in what is set to be another blow for the ordinary citizens who continue receiving price blows as the economy fails.

Huletts SunSweet (Brown), Recommended Retail Selling/Unit are as follows, effective 3 June:

  • 1kg -$4.99
  • 2kg – $9.98 
  • 5kg -$24.95
  • 10kg – $49.90

Huletts Refined (White) Sugar, Recommended Retail Selling/Unit are as follows:

  • 1kg – $5.22 
  • 2kg – $10.44 
  • 5kg – $26.10 
  • 10kg – $52.20

Tongaat Hulett is listed on the JSE and has a controlling stake at Hippo Valley and Triangle.

It produces about 80 percent of the total sugar production in Zimbabwe while 20 percent is produced by private farmers.

At least 65 percent of the produced sugar is for domestic use while the rest is for export.

Earlier this year in February the company reported that it was facing challenges and that its operational performance was plummeting.

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