Whizzkid Stuck Selling Newspapers To Raise Fees Gets Lifeline As Kuda Musasiwa Crowd Fund Raises $5000 In Hours

In a touching story that reaffirms that the world is not all bad, a brilliant student who was struggling to raise his fees for university will now go hassle free after Zimbabweans on Twitter rallied around him.

The campaign started when a social media user with the handle @millythebae posted,

Ranganai Zhakata from Kambarami, Murewa has 15 points A Level. He got a place at UZ for B Sc Actuarial Science but can’t fund himself ??. He is currently selling newspapers at Murewa Bus Terminus. Twitter do your thing #helpinghand #ThursdayMotivation.


he post quickly attracted the attention of entrepreneur and social media personality Kuda Musasiwa who wrote,Questions:

1) How much is UZ?
2) who’s with me in sending this kid to uni. We can definitely manage the first year if others wanna join in.

I am pledging $1000 RTGS. #FIAB will do another $1000.

Is anyone willing to assist in Accommodation and food etc? Lets do it.

Musasiwa who is the co-founder of Fresh In A Box quickly used his phenomenal organising skills to rally more people to the cause and within hours had managed to raise $4 000 (RTGS) and US$200.

Giving an update, Musasiwa wrote,

The positive power of social media!

-iharare news

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