Linda Masarira-led LEAD National Executive Council Named, Party Ideology Unveiled See Big Names

THE Linda Masarira-led LEAD opposition party yesterday unveiled its ideology document as well as presented its strategy which will be executed by the party going forward as it says it is now seized with preparations for the 2023 harmonized elections.

Also unveiled is a ten-member National Executive Council, and leadership for all the provinces was announced as well as secretaries of the various porfolios ranging from health to ICTs, defence, climate change and procurement, among others.

With Masarira as President, the Vice President is Patrick Ndhlovu of Bulawayo Province while the Chairperson is Carol Rwafa, also from Bulawayo province.

Other top party officials include Vice Chairperson Morgan Ndhlovu (Matebeleland North), Secretary-General Sydney Muyambi (Matebeleland North), Vice Secretary-General Laura Mutasa (Mashonaland West) and Treasurer-General Adamson Banda (SA Diaspora).

Kevin Muzhunga (Mashonaland West) is the organising secretary and is deputized by Tapiwa Mutasva (Mashonaland Central).

The information department is headed by Musa Kapena from Matebeleland North Province.

Secretary-general Sydney Muyambi announced that a Congress will be held later this year.

“We are going to hold our first Congress in October. At that Congress, whatever is being done now will be ratified and more appointments could be made,” Muyambi said.

LEAD also announced the provincial leadership for each of the country’s ten provinces.

Muyambi spelled out the roles of the provincial leaders, which will be to create provincial, constituency and ward-level structures.

He said LEAD will be self-funded from member subscriptions. “The reason why political parties end up misfiring is because they will be doing the bidding of their foreign handler. External funding comes with strings attached.

“There is no free lunch in politics and we don’t want to end up singing for our supper. We therefore are a member-funded party relying on subscriptions and donations from members, affiliate organisations and Zimbabwean well-wishers.”

He revealed that the party now has 70 national leaders covering a diverse range of portfolios.

Muyambi defended the appointment of Masarira as the party President, saying “Linda is the Tsvangirai of our time. Surrounded by the right people, we will go some great distance.”

Linda also weighed in: “Our supporters should expect that the party should have established structures in readiness for the 2023 elections. If protests worked MDC should be in government by now.

“Since it’s formation MDC has used that method and ZANU pf with its Rhodesian experience know how to deal with protests. Our strategy is centred around winning elections not making the country ungovernable.

“We will engage government at all levels to register our dissatisfaction and advice on matters of development and governance,” said the firebrand human rights defender and former trade union leader.

Over and above that, the party has filled the positions of secretaries for many diverse areas such as procurement, international relations, education, transport, tourism, defence, home affairs, ICTs, climate change, labour, justice, local government, among others.

“We are now ready to implement the provisions of the strategic plan in preparation of 2023 elections,” the party say.

Source: ZOOMZimbabwe

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