MDC Youth Leader Is Ready To Die For Zimbabwe’s Youths

RECENTLY-elected MDC Youth Assembly deputy chairperson Cecilia Chimbiri (pictured) has said that she is not afraid of dying for the cause of the Zimbabwean youths as she says her party will roll out protests to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa to step down now “because we cannot wait for 2023”.

“Emmerson Mnangagwa was not elected by the people. I still believe Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) rigged the election. The people chose Chamisa and for me what it means is Mnangagwa is an illegitimate President, he had no clue as to what he was going to do with Zimbabwe because he was only concentrating on how to rig an election.

“So for us, the young people now rely on us to make sure that we correct what was done. We have not forgotten that they stole our election. We are still going to defend our vote by making sure that we do the right thing and we get the people of Zimbabwe respected by making sure that the person that they voted for and the government that they want to see in power to represent them is what will come out ,” Chimbiri said in an interview with NewsDay.

She said the economic pressure was so much so that her party cannot wait for 2023 before they effect a change of government.

“We are not waiting for an election in 2023. We are going to confront Mnangagwa. In fact, we want Mnangagwa to resign. We can’t continue like this, we wake up we go to the stores to buy mealie meal at ridiculous prices, cooking oil for ZWL$30. We cannot wait any longer, we want ED gone, we want Zanu PF gone and we want to usher in a new life for the Zimbabweans,” she said.

Chimbiri said there was nothing criminal about demonstrations, even as over 375 opposition activists are languishing in jail for terms ranging from 3 months to 6 years for the violent protests that rocked the country in mid-January.

“It’s not criminal to demonstrate and voice your concerns; voice what we are saying are the main problems. It’s a national crisis and as you can see, besides me as a politician speaking, there is a wave out there. Any young person you meet or just randomly pick will tell you that the Zimbabwe we have versus the Zimbabwe the people want are totally parallel.

“We have a national crisis. So, for me confronting the system means the streets will be my second home we will make sure that we demonstrate peacefully and make sure we mount the necessary pressure. You can see that the people do not want ED anymore, so we will put pressure so that he steps down and gives a chance to those people who want to fix the country, the people who want to represent the people.”

She banks on numbers, saying even if State security officers were to kill people, they cannot kill ‘us all’.

“I do not think we have to fear, for the most part, what we have to fear is fear itself. Mnangagwa was a young person at some point and they took a decision that they were going to stand against colonial rule. So, it’s the same decision and that we are simply taking — there will be causalities.

“They will try to kill us, but they can’t kill the whole country. They can arrest and kill individuals, but you can’t arrest an idea whose time has come. The people are tired; the people want a new government ushered in. So, we are simply going to try and make sure we copy what our liberation war icons left for us.

“They fought their part of liberating us from the then colonial masters. We have to fight our own part of delivering political freedoms and economic freedom in our lifetime,’ Chimbiri said.

Chimbiri said she sees herself scaling the political ladder in the MDC, probably ending up leading the women’s assembly wing.

“I see myself somewhere big. I see myself leading the women one day. I see myself being part of a great leadership. Everyone has an ambition, but for now I really want to concentrate on where we are taking the young people of this country, especially young women. I am very passionate about gender activism. I am very passionate about the fight for democracy.

“So right now from where I am sitting I really want to see the people of Zimbabwe liberated.”

She says she comes from a family of politicians, with her grandfather having been a Zanu-PF leader after independence.

The Government has warned that it will not take kindly to violent protests, amid indications that police have acquired a wide range of new weapons, anti-riot equipment as well as taken their forces for a gruelling paramilitary training.


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