Mthuli Ncube fires back at Tendai Biti over searing London criticism

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has claimed that the man who once occupied his shoes, Tendai Biti is devoid of learning.

Tendai Biti is credited with boosting the Zimbabwean economy from a mere 4 billion dollar base,leading to a booming 17 billion one.

He is also arguably the best barrister in Zimbabwe who’s prominence and skill is at the level of the late national hero, Herbert Chitepo.

But Prof Ncube who appeared irritated by comments by Biti last week, said Biti is devoid of learning.

Responding, Ncube said, “Biti’s choice of crude language not only reveals his analytical deficiencies but also demonstrates lack of sophistication and poise normally associated with a global platform such as Chatham House. He has much to learn. However, this may take a while.”

Biti was speaking about Mthuli Ncube’s ongoing work as Finance Minister in which he is promising to fix the economy.

Of this, Biti’s comments to ZimEye were, “Mthuli is a loud mouth that doesn’t have a connection with its brain and the economy has found him out. This is about realism, this is about intelligence and this is about honesty. These three things are lacking in Mtuli Ncube.”

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