Newspaper Editor Says Chief Ndiweni Must Be Punished For Breaking The Law

A Daily News article has called for the sanctioning of chief Felix Ndiweni who is accused of having violated the constitution.

The article quotes the Traditional Leaders Act chapter 29:17 of 1998 which stipulates the duties, responsibilities, limits, and powers of chiefs.

The article further notes that chiefs have to be politically neutral, unable to vote or stand for election. It also notes that the chief normally supports the elected government of the day.

Part of the article reads: “Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Felix Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna jumps out of the line to create a serious discourse in the country. In an unprecedented move he has called for violence and support for sanctions.

“The chief has called for a regime change. This call is not only surprising but not expected from a traditional leader who is supposed to lead by example. Ndiweni represents a rebellious leadership.”

The author further says that Ndiweni is setting a wrong precedent in the country by his continued attack on the government. The article also castigates his association with the opposition MDC saying it soiled the image of all other chiefs.

The article further reads: “Ndiweni has become a liability to the nation and true to this he is lobbying for more sanctions. His appearance at the MDC A congress speaks volumes of his mental capacity.”

Chief Ndiweni’s sympathisers were, however, quick to point out that there have been other chiefs who openly supported ZANU PF and these include Chief Charumbira.

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